SuzyQable from Linux

I am about ready to prep my HP jasper lake LANDIA chromebook for Linux using a homemade SuzyQable cable. I plan to connect to a Linux notebook running MX Linux and disable the WP and run MrChromebox firmware script on the Linux from a regular terminal window. I have read the instructions on Mrchromebox’s wiki and elsewhere plus this forum. I hope my last uncertainty is - will the firmware script from Linux do all that I need on my chromebook ?

The firmware script only flashes MrChromebox’s firmware and related tasks.

If you’ve read MrChromebox’s wiki, then you’ll have seen the separate instructions for disabling the hardware WP using a SuzyQ. You then run the firmware utility script on your Chromebook, not any other device.

This is what got me confused. From mrchromebox/static/fwscript

Due to recent changes in ChromeOS’ security settings, you may need to use a new set of commands to run the Firmware Utility Script under ChromeOS. Running it under Linux can use the same old one-line command.
Also, you must execute these commands as a normal/non-root user. Running them as root will break things. DO NOT RUN ‘SUDO SU’ BEFORE RUNNING THE SCRIPT CMD BELOW.
And do note that in the script command below, it’s -LO (L capital O), not L zero.

To download and run this script under ChromeOS or Linux, from a terminal/shell type:
cd; curl -LO && sudo bash
and press enter.

I thought this was a chromebook connected via suzyqable to a Linux. But what you are telling me is that if you want to run the script on a chromebook already running Linux. Correct ?

You don’t need a suzyq to run the firmware util script. Just run the script it in VT2. If you want to disable WP, that’s what you use a suzyq for.

The script makes changes to the device that it is run on. If you don’t run it on a Chromebook it doesn’t do anything or will give you an error probably.

For the sake of clarity, what you need to do (assuming that you want to flash the custom firmware and install a different OS on your Chromebook) is:

  1. Disable hardware WP
    The script cannot help you do this. You can connect your SuzyQ from the Chromebook to another computer and disable WP yourself. This is all well-documented both at Firmware Write Protect - MrChromebox Wiki and Disabling write protect with a SuzyQable | Chrultrabook Docs

  2. Install MrChromebox’s custom firmware with the Firmware Utility Script

  3. Install Windows or Linux

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Thank you.
Completely clear now.

Hi @IEFBR14 & @sadlerm ,

I found this thread and it somewhat touches on a topic I just posted about and can’t quite understand:

I do understand that the firmware script won’t unlock/disable the write-protect. However, given that I have a SuzyQ adapter/cable, I thought I’d be able to unlock the write-protect from either Chromebook itself, using “loopback”, running Ubuntu, or use another Linux laptop and connect the SuzyQ cable from that machine to my Chromebook.

Maybe you guys have some insight into this?