Looking for a chromebook to convert to linux

Budget around $100 usd, found a C425 but wondering if there are better options for said price

If you look hard enough, you might even be able to find cometlake devices, depends where you live though.

which chromebooks and comet lake is 10th gen right?


How important is it to disable WP for the c425? I’ve read that the max98357a presents an issue as it lacks a volume limiter, potentially damaging the speakers if the sound is too loud. Does this apply if I exclusively use headphones

You need to disable WP to be able to flash full rom. the C425 doesn’t have max98357a so your speakers are safe, and headphones are always safe.

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So thats just removing the battery and using AC? for WP


How would I do that?

You can look up a teardown guide if you need help opening your device, other than that I can’t really help.

2 questions
1st do most chromebooks just use phillips screws
and second after I disconnect the battery and plug in the ac adapter is it turning it on then Esc + Refresh + Power or from it being off?

1: Usually
2: enable dev mode first

according to the guide im following I enable developer mode after I power it on using the hotkey

C425 for Linux is pretty decent, hell you can even hackintosh it

The two are unrelated; you can use the hotkey to enable developer mode first, turn the device off, and then disconnect the battery.

Was just going to use it for some simple web dev could also get a c434 but don’t see a big diff

Ah thanks

I’d also recommend a chromebook that doesn’t have the CR50 chip mentioned in supported devices here, as SuzyQables are impossible to find these days and not everyone has the skills to make them themselves.

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Many CR50 devices can have WP disabled with the battery method.

C434 has touchscreen, I guess it looks better