Linux Mint Edge no audio / USB4 on VOLMAR (Vero 514)

I see the issue, your board is not currently supported by the UCM I have. When I get enough free time, I’ll work on it.

Thank you for investing in this. That would be much appreciated.


Just wondering if you’ve had a chance to address audio on the Vero yet?

I also wondered if the Compatibility Spreadsheet could be updated to show no audio at present? Is it @MrChromebox who maintains that?

no, I only handle firmware-related issues. OS/driver issues are not something I track

OK, fair enough. Thanks for the great job you do!

That spreadsheet as deprecated, as it says right on the top.

Are you sure about that?
The WP Method for device is CR50 according to, so most likely you can just remove the cover, detach the battery and then run the script to install full UEFI. You most likely don’t need a Suzy-Q cable. From my experience, some devices have audio issues with RW-Legacy firmware, but they are fixed in UEFI after installing the audio script by WeirdTreeThing.

I wish it was that easy.
On the Acer Vero the battery disconnect trick does not work :frowning:
You can tell by reading through the Supported Devices list. If the battery trick can be performed, the WP Method column says CR50 (battery). If it says CR50, then the hardware cable is needed.

Otherwise I would have the full UEFI on as soon as possible!

Hello all,

This is the first forum post that addressed the issue that I am having,

I also have the acer vero (alder lake i5) Chromebook, I however was able to do the battery trick to get the wp protect to be disabled in order to put mrchromeboxs firmware on it.

I am also struggling with audio, across all linux distros, on most of them it is displayed as “dummy audio” I got Bluetooth to work but no the internal speakers.

I just wanted to say tanks for addressing it here, even if there is no solution yet and would love to help by uploading my own inputs, if that is helpful in anyway ?

either way I want a solution so I will be keeping updated on this thread,

Again thanks guys!

EDIT: I am currently using Manjora