Lenovo ThinkPad C13 Yoga Chromebook Enterprise Delete?


This is my first post so please be gentle if I haven’t got this just right.

I have lots of experience building and repairing Windows PCs, but a Buddy offered me a Lenovo ThinkPad C13 Yoga Chromebook which has an Enterprise Chrome operating system. His wife was given it to recycle when an employee left her company. My Buddy thought maybe I could use it, as her company (a large local Teleco) won’t commit any of their IT resources to do anything with it. (She asked.) I guess they see it as disposable.

Well, I have zero Chromebook or Linux experience but I looked at it as an learning experience. I have already located & tried Sh1mmer and found an earlier Zork.bin image of the OS that isn’t an Enterprise Version. But Sh1mmer gives an error as I expect it has to do with the Enterprise enrollment which needs to be defeated.

As suggested on MrChromebox.net, I recently bought a Debug Cable as this is a CR50 device, but got no joy there either. Again, did get Sh1mmer to run with the cable inserted but the errors were still present.

I was able to see the Firmware log and it’s using Google_Morphius.13434.356.0 active Firmware. I did a memory and storage tests which passed. I was shocked to see that the Power On Hours were only 8! (I bet over half of them are from my mucking about.)

So I’m at a loss as to my next move. I’m not stuck on going to ChromeOS, although I though it would be interesting to try out if I can get this sorted. I have seen where some folks convert Chromebooks to run Windows or Linux => and maybe that would be an option?

I’ve heard there is a flag set in the security chip which tells ChromeOS it is supposed to complete re-enrollment before allowing a user to log in. Is there a way to Flash this to turn off the Enterprise sign in routine?

Can you point me in the right direction so I can avoid sending this to the Recycle Bin?

Thanks for the assist.

You wont have any luck flashing the bios from chromeos with enterprise enrollment. You could try to externally flash the bios chip, not sure if ee will cause problems there.

Are you able to enter Developer Mode?

If you are, then after unplugging the main battery, see if flashing the custom firmware is working?