Lenovo chromebook 100e gen 4- write protection disable?

It appears that the device’s WP method is via unplugging the battery. The only possible reason that the device’s WP is not getting disabled is because there may be something wrong with the device itself or you might be doing something wrong.

I also see that someone has managed to disable write protect using this method in this question’s threads (@Nde_Tayne ). The device codename is rusty and the board it is using is called corsola.(Just in case you want to research potential problems.)

yeah i know something’s wrong with it.

Potential troubleshooting options:
Powerwashing the device
Exiting and re-entering developer mode.

I am not sure but it could also be because the device is managed by an organization school or parent but with those protections enabled you shouldn’t even be able to enter developer mode.

it is not managed by anyone, i am in dev mode as well

Hey @techrak - try this:

I was able to do it without a suzyQ cable. I did the following while the battery was still connected:

Enter dev mode
sudo gsctool -a -o
Press PP when prompted
Re-enter dev mode
sudo gsctool -a -I AllowUnverifiedRo:always
^ Above is a capital i
Press PP when prompted
sudo gsctool -a -w disable
Press PP when prompted

Yo, I have that same model and desperately need help. Here is an image of the inside components if that helps anything