Lenovo chromebook 100e gen 4- write protection disable?

Looking for a way to disable firmware WP on this device. ive tried the following:

CR50 (battery) on v113
looking for a place to bridge (doesnt have any)
no WP screw

theres no documentation on this anywhere, not even mr chromebox

the last option is bridging VCC to WP on the security chip but i’d like that as a last resort.

should also mention i will not buy and do not plan on using a suzyqable, im just looking for any other way. if the only way is a suzyqable let me know. i might make one, but surely not buy

Post a picture Also, there is more than one version of this board, mediatek is one of them which wouldn’t be supported. Not sure what the other is, but post the board name to confirm.

i have the mediatek one. not sure what you think isnt supported, but im not gonna try to install rw_legacy firmware. i need WP disabled for writing GBB flags and other things. im on rusty btw

@techrak I think u read the instructions wrong. You’re supposed to disconnect the battery to disable WP on devices where it says “CR50 (battery)”.

Any and all MrChromebox firmware is not supported on your device.

Yes, MrChromebox doesn’t document disabling WP on devices he doesn’t support with custom firmware in the first place.

uh no, thats exactly waht i did. disconnect the battery then use a charger to power it on. no luck.

im aware its not supported. thats exactly why i said im NOT gonna try to install it. real unnecessary reply. also he does infact document devices that dont support custom firmware.

In that case, I don’t know how we’re supposed to explain the words “battery method” any clearer.

Did you not say that there was no documentation?

Just confirmed it is in fact the battery

Just disconnect it then reboot

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Also you’re being a real jerk for no reason.

Your device is not supported by the project in which the forum you are posting in is dedicated to, which is why we mentioned it. Technically you should be asking in a ChromeOS forum.

i told you this doesnt work for me

Yes, but that’s the WP method for this board so that’s the only option other than suzy q cable…

that wouldve been a helpful answer other than you and your pal over here flapping your jaws

Maybe you should work on your communication skills before you try simple technical tasks.

maybe tou should work on helping people in a forum instead of being an egoistical reddit mod that tries their hardest to look smart in thier own god complex

Can’t help people who refuse to take responsibility for themselves.

Since it’s been demonstrated that you can disable WP with the battery method on this device, it sounds like a you problem. How is anyone supposed to help you overcome yourself?

i said that the battery doesnt work personally. did you not get that part? the purpose of this post was to find the WP disabling method, not you telling me that im stupid or whatever you feel like. its the battery, which i know now. now you can stop talking!

Is this an ARM Chromebook? Cuz I know a project on GitHub for running Linux on ARM Chromebooks.

@ChocolateLoverRaj told you it was the battery method yesterday…

…but you were too preoccupied with arguing with everyone.