Lenovo chromebook 100e gen 4- write protection disable?

no, i knew it was the battery after they replied. unfortunately you still replied for no reason. dont reply after the answer was given now shush

yes, it is an arm chromebook

You could try GitHub - hexdump0815/linux-mainline-on-arm-chromebooks: running linux mainline on arm chromebooks - for example: samsung xe303c12 and xe503c12 (snow and peach), acer c100, c101 and c201 (veyron speedy, minnie etc. and gru bob and kevin), medion s2013 and s2015 (veyron jaq, mighty etc.), acer cb5 311 (nyan big), lenovo n23, acer r13 (oak elm and hana), lenovo duet (kukui krane) and most probably many many more over time ...

How does that help with disabling write protect?

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It’s for help with installing Linux. Plus @An error occurred: Sorry, you can’t post the word ‘****_Tayne’; it’s not allowed._Tayne already found out WP method.

Explain what exactly doesn’t work

Yeah I know. And obviously you also don’t need to disable write protection to install Linux on ARM, but I don’t think techrak is interested.

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Have you tried running the following command as root:

flashrom --wp-disable

that disables software WP not hardware, you also need hardware WP disabled to run that command

Have you tried the exact steps:
Remove the bottom of the laptop and disconnect the battery.
Plug the charger or AC adapter into the port and LEAVE THE BATTERY DISCONNECTED.
Power the device on and make sure you are in developer mode.
Enter the VT-2 shell by pressing CTRL+ALT+F2
Login as chronos and type sudo -i
Then type the above command mentioned in the previous comment I posted.

Do all this while the battery is disconnected as mentioned in the first step.
After finishing the steps above you may reconnect the battery and close the laptop up.

I am not sure if this may work for you but it did work for me.
The device I am using is an Acer Chromebook Plus 515 CB515-2H and appears to supported.

Flashing the firmware

Instructions can be found here: Flashing Custom Firmware | Chrultrabook Docs
If your device is not supported it can result in some very catastrophic and device breaking results that may require you to physically rewrite the stock firmware onto the firmware chip. YOU WERE WARNED.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

yes, i’ve already tried that. doesn’t work.

That worked for both Chromebooks I tried it on. I cannot seem to find any documentation or support for your Lenovo Chromebook 100e G4 on the chrultrabook forums and it appears that the device is using an ARM64 processor. Also can you please tell me what board the device is using? You can find this by going into the Chromebook Recovery Utility(https://chromewebstore.google.com/detail/chromebook-recovery-utili/pocpnlppkickgojjlmhdmidojbmbodfm?pli=1).

dude, i know what i’m doing. i’m telling you this device will not work to disable WP. it’s a new board with some probably weird method to do it.