Drivers for Asus CX3402CB - Windows 11 OS

Hi all, I managed to install windows on my Asus Chromebook Plus CX3402CB without too much trouble. I have followed the installation guide carefully and vcredist is installed. I managed to install GPU, chipset and keyboard drivers but I cant get the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ones to work for some reason. Anyone got any ideas why? Is this just a driver mismatch or have I missed something? Thanks in advance!

So I managed to install windows 11 on the ASUS Plus CX3402CB and even got the audio drivers to work! It was an interesting journey and it did take some trial and error and it wasn’t very straight forward. I am still missing a ACPI driver (1079 and 1026). I have looked everywhere for drivers. The chromebook works well enough with the missing drivers.

OK I sorted it, the missing drivers were associated with the USB C, drivers from Coolstar fixed the issue. Win 11 running perfectly on the chromebook, awesome!