Drallion self shutdown/hibernate at 30% battery

Windows 10 or Windows 11 or linux? I have Windows 10 installed

WinToGo on USB (Win11), Pop_OS!

In windows 11 to go hibernate is disabled by default, what action is selected for battery critical level?

Rayos! In Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (Live, runing from usb) works fine too, not shutdown.

Me, I have windows 11.
Small questions. When you flash the firmware the first time, when did you plug the battery again?

Me I unplug the battery to disable RW protection and plug it again after i finished installing windows.

Do you flash with suzyQ or from the recover of chromeOS?

Plug battery after first boot (rabbit logo) before of install windows 10

Flash from ChromeOS

Same than me…
i tried Win2go, same issue.
I did battery report, I have strange result. like my battery seems to be only 70% of capacity after 44 cycles…

Installed Windows 11, same thing; at 32% of battery, a battery critical message in event viewer plus hibernate or shutdown automatically. Till now only in ubuntu (live) bug dont occours.

so Windows is being stupid here – the question is why?

I just updated manually and I noticed something during the flash.

Using region: “bios”.

disable_power_management: Failed to open /run/lock/power_override/flashrom.lock for writing: No such file or directory

Do you think it’s related?
I did run the flash in sudo on Linux mint

How do you flash suzyQ or chromeOS?

of course not, that’s just flashrom being overly verbose.

what do you mean? That’s like asking how change a tire or build a car – two completely different things

I was wondering if the way it’s flashed have an impact on the battery issue…

not at all