Drallion self shutdown/hibernate at 30% battery

Hi, yesterday flashed my dell chrome 7410 (Drallion) with latest available rom from @mrchromebox with coolstar script, installed windows 10 x64, all devices works fine, but there is a bug, shutdown is self activated at 30% battery remain, if i turn on my chrome again continue working for about two hours more.


this issue has existed for several versions now, no idea what’s causing it. Neither coolstar nor I have one to debug the issue

Thanks for you fast reply. Do you know which was latest version working without that issue? Or were worst issues in old versions? A user comments that he flashed about 20 chrome devices a time ago and all were working fine.

I don’t offhand, but it’s a few versions back for sure. if one comes up cheap on ebay I might snag it to be able to debug better

Those old versions are available for download or only last one?

In event viewer several times show a message “The number of battery has changed” i dont know if such messages are related.

Another thing that i see is needed press and hold 5 or 6 seconds the power button for start a shutdown process (with windows message, not blackout)

not easily no

no idea, but possibly. Drallion uses a closed-source Dell EC, so hard to say what’s going on

not sure what to make of that

For old rom version, i guess only if someone share a extracted working rom and after modify with my VPD from my backup or there is another source?

no, you don’t need anyone to share anything. I need to know what version works so I can put it back up for you to flash via the script.

Excellent, in mean time im testing with critical battery level to “make nothing” when the “Critical Battery Trigger Met” event occurs with next cmd command:


Note: battery charge is about 80% (8 hours aprox) when charge drop to 30% my laptop should keep running.

Dirty “hack” (or setting) works, but still is needed disable notification for battery critical level, both settings hidden (not fixes) the problem.

I also face the same issue. I downgraded the firmware to 4.19, but the issue was still there.
I just give up for now.
@MrChromebox , I noticed that 2 battery are declared in ec/google/wilco/acpi/battery.asl
Is it possible to remove the ghost battery ? or one wilco device have two batteries?

I’m not aware of any shipped Wilco device with 2 batteries, or any upcoming ones either (thankfully), so I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to remove the support for the 2nd battery

Related or not, but windows no seem detect the battery fine, a powercfg /batteryreport dont show any battery installed.

I just pushed an update for Drallion which removes support for the 2nd battery, update and see if that helps

Flashed with script, still windows show two battery. Or is needed download rom and manual flash?

what version/date is reported in the UEFI setup menu?

06/23/2024 and below say 06/25/2024 (i guess) i not have the chromebook with me now.

had a network hiccup and the push failed, should be updated now to 2024.07.06

Thanks, that release fixed the second battery not connected or “battery ghost”. The self shutdown problem still happens.

I can’t reproduce that here, I got down to 5% battery without a problem