Zorin OS 17 is not recognizing any audio devices after flashing to chromebook

I recently flashed the newest version of Zorin OS, which uses Ubuntu 22.04. I’m aware the drivers on the chrultrabook docs don’t official support Ubuntu due to its difficulty, and because of this I’m having a lot of issues finding drivers to detect the sound-card. Does anybody have any drivers for Ubuntu 22.04?

This is the my Chromebook i flashed:
Lenovo 14e S345-14 AST
Memory - 4.0 GiB
Processor - AMD® A6-9220c radeon r5, 5 compute cores 2c+3g × 2
Graphics - STONEY (stoney, LLVM 15.0.7, DRM 3.54, 6.5.0-28-generic)
Storage - 32 GiB of eMMC storage

Im no expert,and use it at your own risk,but try this Chromebook "no sound" fix for Ubuntu · GitHub

Maybe look at the date on that GitHub gist…

As you mentioned, Ubuntu is not supported

This means:
Working: good for you!
Not working: man that sucks, we can’t help you.

There are reasons (this issue) behind Ubuntu not being supported

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As someone who has a BARLA board with similar specs, I would recommend Debian 12 or Debian testing over Zorin OS. Then, after installation, run the audio and keyboard scripts mentioned in the docs: Installing Linux | Chrultrabook Docs

Hello! I went through the same problem. Apparently it was in the detection of the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS firmware and its kernel. I recently tested version 24.04 LTS and the audio problem was resolved, both input and output, and perhaps the same will happen with Zorin 18 when it is released based on the latest version of Ubuntu. I currently use Fedora 40, which I have never had a problem with in any released version - in addition to the fact that it saves much more storage space than Ubuntu and its flavors or distros. I recommend testing versions 24.04 or the Ultramarine Linux distro (based on Fedora) which will launch a version aimed at Chromebooks in the coming months. Or, try the Fedora workstation version itself or one of its spins.

People sure like using a distro that gets the latest updates 2 years late.

I decided to use fedora kde. It has been much easier to understand and more customizable. This is my first time with Linux and flashing stuff to chromebooks too. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Yeah its seems to be that way.

Seems people had some issues with this script. Well i switched distros anyway

I’m trying out one of the spins, Fedora KDE. I like it a lot so far, but i’m still having issues with audio. I’m very new to Linux, so im unsure how to implement a prebuilt kernel to run on my device, but when i ran the script from the website i got a link to a prebuilt kernel, but don’t know what to do from there. Got any advice?

There literally are several forum posts asking exactly the same question as you.

If your audio is SOF then install the appropriate sof firmware via APT (can be found online) and pulseaudio. This worked fine for me, but it depends on the DE.