Write Protection on a celes board

I removed the screw and put pvc tape over the hole. I am in developer mode, but when I try to run Mr Chromebox’s code write protection is still on. Oh and I am on x86_64 with a celes board on an intel chip set.

Try running “flashrom -p internal --wp-status” in VT-2
If it says only a Management Engine region is locked, WP is disabled correctly, but your chipset is locking down an ME region, which could interfere with the script. If that is the case, or your board just won’t let you disable WP for some reason (happens surprisingly often), your best bet might be to bridge pins 3 and 8 or supply VCC to pin 3 of your fw chip (pictured here).
The forum won’t let me upload more than 1 image, but the pins to bridge can be found by searching “soic 8 pinout”