Write protec HP Chromebook 11 Baytrail/Kip

Old HP Chromebook 11 G3/G4, 14 G4 (Kip)
Intel Baytrail running stock ChromeOS v 93
I am wanting to flash MrChromebox’s full ROM firmware and install Gallium OS. I know Gallium is outdated, so is the hardware, so it should be a good match. Gallium works well “Right out of the box” according to MrChromebox. I researched and locared the write protect screw, removed it, and ran MrChromebox’s Firmware Script. Its indicating all the WP are still in place. I went back in and cleaned up the solder around the pins, some of them looked like they were still touching, still unable to disable write protect. Removed the board completely, disconnected all the cables, battery etc, reinstalled it, WP is still enabled. Heres pics… Now i bought this one as a reman from Back Market and just use it to browse, but becase its EUA, i cant install my VPN or get any more extensions. Without another OS, it seems pretty useless. This could have been an old school device at one time. Not MY school, we had the mighty Radio Shack TRS-80s when i was in school in computer science. 4 KILObytes RAM and a “speedy” 1.77 MEGAhertz Z-80 processor. This one may have some other WP on it but theres no indications of it being managed or enterprised. Can one of you geniuses help me out on this one?

Linux isn’t Windows. Older version of Linux distros are not “more lightweight” like how Windows 7 is supposedly “lighter” than Windows 10. Using an Ubuntu version from more than 5 years ago is stupid. Programs depend on a minimum version of glibc for a reason. There is zero benefit to using Gallium.

Perhaps try disconnecting the battery as well? I’m not too well-read on these older chromebooks, but I recall having to both remove the battery and remove a write protect screw on my original Mario chromebook (the first dev chromebook kit).
Outside of that, the only suggestions I’d have are linked in the docs below, as I haven’t worked on one of those before myself…if you can get write protect disabled finally, I’d recommend Fedora 40 KDE if you’re used to the windows 10 interface.

You’re a month early lol

Time traveler detected

So are you prepared to make a recommendation? Or did you chime in just to tell me my idea was $hit?

Got the WP disabled. For anyone who is interested, there was a stray piece of solder connecting the ring with the pin, allowing them to communicate. I had taken some 800 wet/dry sandpaper and dressed it before i made my first post, but it wasnt enough as it was still making contact. I got my stereoscope out and little xacto knife and separated it manually and it works. Thanks all…

For what? You didn’t seem particularly receptive to suggestions. All I know is someone literally just made a post about how they can no longer load the Google Docs website because their browser is too old, and guess what? They were using Gallium.

Amazing that you can’t run the latest version of Firefox/Chrome etc. on a 6 year old distro.