Would like some help to debug custom kernel suspend issue

Haven’t been getting information from dmesg or journalctl when suspend fails at all. I’ve been at this for a week or more and tried countless things, compiling over again and again with modifications 10+ or so times. Copying from a working kernel has not solved this - ACPI section not the issue?

I don’t know what the problem is, so I’d like some help on how to debug this suspend issue so I can actually figure out what the problem is. I don’t know much about debugging so this may be solved with low level debugging.

Something I haven’t tried much and am looking for:
Debugging hibernation and suspend — The Linux Kernel documentation I tried this but got a permission denied even with sudo without the hashtag. Am I supposed to copy exactly what it says or remove the # ? I don’t understand this echo command syntax

There’s also a debug kernel I could use - I don’t think I figured out how to use it

Not for lack of searching - doesn’t seem to be on-topic noob friendly debugging guides for something potentially advanced and with my specific issue about nothing in dmesg or journalctl

  1. What board are you on

  2. What distro are you running?

Not sure that matters, but Phaser360S and Debian Stable (Bookworm). I know it’s a kernel issue because other kernels when suspending are fine

Recently solved it. I tore out everything in /lib/firmware from something that had working suspend until I had 1 file left:
It was bluetooth, for my Lenovo 500E Phaser360S
btusb module needed to be loaded.
modprobe btusb
for SD Cards using SCSI (if having file system errors), a workaround is the sg3_utils package for sg_reset:
sg_reset -d /dev/sdb1 && echo mem > /sys/power/state && sg_reset -d /dev/sdb1
(if /dev/sdb1 refers to the SD Card)