Installed windows 11, n5100 cpu. Keeps BSODing on first boot.

Are you using rw/legacy

Tried rw_legacy and full_rom, same error

You went back to stock? Let me ask you a few things

  1. Can you still boot chromeos if you wanted (or will the Chromebook try to)
  2. How did you create the windows usb drive
  1. Yes, I can boot Chromeos, I am using that for the time being.
  2. Tried Rufus and Ventoy, Tried both modified and regular Windows installs.

That makes it seem like you’re not running full rom, but rw legacy. Only Linux is supported in rw/legacy.

Please be sure to check the docs for how to disable write protect and flash your device with full rom to install windows, but it normally includes opening the device

No, I think you may have misunderstood me.
I tried full_rom a few times after disabling wp. Then went back to rw legacy, which didn’t work too. I gave up for the timebeing and am not using chromeos.