Windows 11 on nautilus?

Hey, hoping to hear from anyone who is running Windows 11 on nautilus (Samsung Chromebook Plus V2). I’ve got the M3-7Y30 version with 128 gb emmc. Windows 10 runs mostly fine though I do get the occasional freeze or BSOD on waking from sleep and problems detecting microsd card. Wondering if Windows 11 runs better or worse or same?

Should be around the same.

Well a version I’ve been trying to get is a more optimized version of windows 11 Windows X Lite: Check them out:

(I know this is my third time mentioning them but they are pretty cool also I want to help where I can even though I’m a newbie on the os stuff and windows drivers stuff like that. Also I still wanna help!)

I hope this helped:smiley:

I am actually running windows XLite on my nautilus. It works great!..

I have the model with the celeron though. I also have some basic stuff installed such as firefox and a few tweaks. only takes up 9 gb