Will UEFI firmware/shell display on external monitor (broken laptop screen)


I have a chromebook with a broken display (LILLIPUP), currently it has stock chromeOS and i’ve removed/disconnected the broken display as the glass was shattered everywhere. It does boot up to chromeOS on an esternal display, but the developer mode warning screeen/recovery screen does not display on the exsternal monitor.

I’m wondering if I flash the UEFI firmware if it will output to an external display during POST where i will be able to choose boot device, UEFI shell ect or if it will only displays on laptop display. If not i would be flying blind and would be better off leaving chromeOS on here. Unfortunately replacement display cost more than laptop is worth.


Just tested on my ELECTRO and couldn’t get it to show up on my monitor, but that doesn’t mean it’s not impossible.

In the past, I was able to disconnect the LCD cable from the motherboard to see the dev mode screen on a monitor so that might work.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve completely disconnected/removed the display from the laptop and the dev mode screen does not show up so i’m guessing the usb-c display port out is not initialized yet. So i guess i’ll just leave it on stock chromeos.