Which firmware should I install on my Chromebook?

I have an Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431-C5FM and I want to install GalliumOS on it. It’s from 2016, but I’m reading MrChromebox’s guides and I don’t know if I should install the RW_LEGACY firmware or the UEFI (Full ROM) firmware. I want to run ONLY GalliumOS and I don’t want to dual-boot with chrx or something. Can someone tell me what to do? Thanks!

P.S. I’m gonna remove the write protect screw from it.

GalliumOS is not supported. It has not had updates in 4 years.

I don’t care, which one should I use??

Oh yeah? Well I don’t care that you don’t care!


I use Arch btw

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I use Linuxfx, I highly recommend it!

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Use UEFI (Full ROM) if you don’t want to dual boot. I am using ChromeOS Flex by the way on UEFI

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Ok, so actually I can’t use RW_LEGACY because my Chromebook has reached it’s end of life…

I was thinking about installing Manjaro on it. Would that work with a 32GB SSD?

If you’re using a unit with soldered storage or eMMC storage, I recommend having the EFI and / on the internal storage with your home directory on a MicroSD card or USB drive externally, especially if you aren’t able to upgrade the 32GB of storage.