What does it mean when it says the speakers could get "fried"?

I’m looking to install linux onto my Asus C302 Chromebook and was looking at the “Supported Devices” chart on the chrultrabook github page to see what’s what. Underneath the “linux notes” section, I noticed a curious descriptor that went like this:

“max98357a doesn’t have a volume limiter so speakers could get fried.”

My question is what does it actually mean when it says “could get fried”. Like if I play music on my chrultrabook would it randomly fry out the speakers? Or is this more of a risk if I have the device set at max volume? And is there something I should do/install to mitigate this risk?

Playing audio too loud will cause the speakers to melt. I have a C302 and have found that keeping the speakers below ~40% seems safe.

Okay. I’ll keep that in mind then. Thanks for responding!

Hey, hope you don’t mind a follow-up question to the whole ‘speakers could get fried’ thing. I have a C302 and I’m looking to put Linux on it, and if I’m using an external speaker plugged into the headphone jack, would this then eliminate the danger of possibly melting the speakers?