What does “bridging the unpopulated jumper” mean?

And this youtube video helped me:

How it is labelled and where it is located should be in the motherboard’s manual. So I looked through this manual for Acer Chromebook 314:

I searched in the text for “CMOS” “BIOS” “jumper” “write-protect” “write” “GBB” and had no luck. It has great diagrams for disassembly compared to my laptop. But nothing to label the jumpers.

I searched “security module” and finally that points to a link ‘how to contact the manufacturer’. And that links back to Google help article about resetting the system. Sorry I don’t know what else to look for. I am still unsure what unpopulated means, whether it should be an empty hole like in this forum post:

or whether it means the pins are all open.

I wish I were more helpful to anyone reading this.