Updated UFEI firmware, but won't boot from USB SOLVED

This is on a Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5 chromebook, the board is AKEMI. I’ve gone into Developer Mode, removed the Write Protect by booting without the battery, and flashed MrChromebox’s UEFI firmware successfully. The POST screen shows the rabbit, not the chrome logo.

But it won’t boot my Ventoy USB drive.

I’ve used this Ventoy drive on a different computer, so I know it boots correctly. The chromebook just doesn’t seem to want to boot it.

I go into the new BIOS screen, and the Boot Menu has these 2 entries:

  • NVMe: SAMSUNG M2A…-000L2
  • UEFI Shell

Obviously I want to install Linux on the SAMSUNG drive, and I have no clue how to use the UEFI shell.

I don’t see how to boot from my Ventoy USB. It doesn’t show up on any list.

Boot Manager / Add Boot Option shows 4 entries:

  • ROOT-A …
  • ROOT-A …
  • OEM …

Each leads to a NEW FILE / NEW FOLDER, then a directory list. Notably, nothing from my USB.

Any ideas on how to boot from the Ventoy USB drive?

Somehow it was the drive I was using for Ventoy. I setup another USB drive for Ventoy, put the Linux Mint ISO on it, and the system recognizes that. I’m up and running.