Unsure if this device is supported - ASUS CHROMEBOOK FLIP C433T 14"

Hello !

I’m looking to buy a device listed on eBay, however i’m unsure if this particular model is supported, and has the audio drivers available. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

eBay listing states the following specs (unsure if true):
CPU - Intel Core i5 1st Gen
14 inch screen
4GB SSD Capacity (feel like they meant this was the RAM)

Thanks in advance !

The device “Asus Chromebook Flip C433” is supported, however it does not have a 1st generation intel cpu according to the docs. (They very likely have mislabeled specs)

There could also be the case of the “C433T” being a different device. Can you share the ebay link with us?

Sure ! The link is here, definitely i5 processor given the sticker on the device

So yeah, seems like that device is supported, just mislabeled (ASUS Chromebook Flip C433|Laptops For Home|ASUS USA)

The c433 is labeled under " Kabylake / Amberlake" in the docs, which means it should have a 7th generation processor

Its still a bit sketchy from my point of view, specs are very mislabeled

I see, I have bought from that seller previously and had no issues, perhaps it’s a hidden gem as it were lol

I am leading as it stands, so if I win it for £30 or so then it’s no major loss. I appreciate the help !