Unsure if this device is supported - Acer Chromebook Plus 515 | CB515-2H

Hi everyone. I’m in search of a replacement for my aging chromebook and came across this listing from Acer. My intention is to convert the chromebook to Manjaro Linux but I’m worried that this won’t be possible since the device isn’t listed here.

What do you think?

I don’t see it listed on Supported Devices and Platforms | Chrultrabook Docs either. Can you visit chrome://system from ChromeOS system and check the board name? (first word in HWID row)

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible as I haven’t purchased it yet. The only information that I could find is from the developer information page for ChromeOS devices.

The Acer Chromebook Plus 515 (CB515-2H, CB515-2HT) is listed under code name Omnigul with Brya as its board name.

From what I see, there are Coreboot+UEFI builds for other Brya-based Chromebooks, such as Crota (Dell Latitude 5430), so there’s a high chance that after building Coreboot+EDKII for Omnigul things might mostly work - but it would require some testing.

I’ll pass this thread to developers.

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Much appreciated. I’m tempted to buy it and then test it myself but frankly, I don’t have any experience debugging coreboot.

it’s an ADL/brya based board, so trivial to add support for it. It probably wasn’t released when I added brya support originally

That’s completely understandable. The model was released last October.

Thank you for building such an amazing community that has helped countless people, like myself, in extending the life of their Chromebooks.

Happy new year!

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I went ahead and bought this model. Since the firmware script will quite possibly fail on this one, I was wondering whether/how I can modify the script to make it work.

you can’t. but you can tell me the board name as identified by the script, and I can add support

Thanks. I suppose this is an alternative way of finding the board name other than the one suggested in the docs, right? I’ll get back to you with a name as soon as it arrives as I’m still waiting for my courier to deliver it (ordered two weeks ago :sob:).

Can confirm that it’s Omnigul, with hardware ID: OMNIGUL-FUQB D4B-D4E-16C-E36-J6A-A7G

However, I had an issue with running the script (similar to #555), so I had to resort to using the crossystem hwid command instead. Won’t get into much detail here since I wish to keep this thread on-topic, but I’ll just say that from the logs, it seems to be a flag mount issue.

I know the issue has been followed in another thread, but I think my question is more appropriate here.

@micmalti Could you please tell me whether you had to disable hardware write protection using the CR50 jumper method? If so, could you please hint me at where you learned how to do it?
After reading the page about Firmware Utility Script I was under the impression that enabling UEFI boot can be achieved without touching the hardware, yet reading the firmware write protect page suggested me otherwise. From the other thread I know you didn’t yet have the SuzyQ cable at the install time, so you must have used the CR50 jumper method or haven’t touched the hardware at all. I will appreciate any guidance.

I disconnected the battery, which is fairly easy once you manage to open the device (which in my case wasn’t :sweat_smile:).

However, do note that, currently, booting is only possible via USB since the internal UFS medium isn’t being detected. Follow issue #572 for future updates.

Thank you very much for answering. And so quickly too, I greatly appreciate it.

Oh, great, I’ve expected to have to open the device, so I’m glad to hear that disconnecting the battery will be enough (contrary to the information that this method works only on not so new devices).

I sure will keep my eyes on it, thank you.