Undervolting on Lillipup

I’m tryna run games one my lillipup (Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5i) but it runs way too hot and thermal throttles the gpu so even roblox and minecraft are unplayable. The i3 11th gen should easily be able to handle them. I want to undervolt the cpu so that it won’t thermal throttle. Can anyone tell me how?

Are you running something other than ChromeOS on it?

I’m dual booting Ultramarine Linux and Windows 11. Heat issues were also in ChromeOS.

Depending on the age of the machine, if it’s two years old or older, you should also repaste the CPU. Any machine that uses active cooling, be it desktop or laptop, requires regular maintenance of the fans and thermal paste every 2-3 years if you want it to stay cool.

I repasted and still it hits 90c but it can get up to around 25W now (20W before), still not good.

I would recommend you use ectool to make sure all the heat is being transferred as expected

It seems the heat is spreading to other parts of the board. How do i fix this? Maybe get a new heatsink?

Screenshot 2024-05-22 153938

A 10-15 degree difference is still pretty significant