UEFI bios not starting from cold boot, no update possible

I have installed MrChromebox-4.22-5-g822781a1001 on an Asus C300 yesterday.

Rebooting works well, but cold boots only very sporadically show the Coreboot logo, most often the screen is just black and flashes periodically (no content), then goes black again.

I have to reboot many times until I see the BIOS so that I can either boot from there, or let it boot when waiting.

Is there any debugging info that I can get while booting, to help analyze this issue?

To me this seems like a firmware issue, not a Linux issue, as it does not even reach the booting stage and does not show the Coreboot splash screen. In case it is necessary to know:

The system tries to boot MX Linux, which was installed on the internal drive. Booting works fine when the BIOS seems to start properly.

Note: firmware-util.sh tells me that there is a firmware update (from 02/13/2024 to 02/23/2024), updating seems to work fine, but I end up with the same version MrChromebox-4.22-5-g822781a1001 still. Not sure if this is related.