U-Boot Stops Working

Apparently, I may be able to load Debian 12 using the Galaxy Chromebook’s U-Boot loader. Though, after selecting U-Boot from the alternative bootloader menu, it freezes for about 10 seconds before showing the U-Boot console. The auto-boot fails and it freezes.

How would I move forward from here? I already have a net install of Debian 12 ready on my SD card.

  1. What board is this Galaxy Chromebook? Is it in the Supported Devices list? Supported Devices and Platforms | Chrultrabook Docs

  2. If this board isn’t in the supported devices list, have you looked into the project for ARM chromebooks? GitHub - 5ilver/charmbian: Debian install script for samsung arm chromebook

It’s not RW_Legacy supported, but may work with the stock U-Boot bootloader.

As the official Chrultrabook team doesn’t support ARM Chromebooks yet (it’s in the works) and as we haven’t been given the name of this machine’s board, I’d recommend you look at alternative projects here:

…or look into the possibly-relevant Debian install instructions from their wiki here:

lol what, they have x86

Oh I thought it was ARM?

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is intel cometlake.


  1. We don’t support U-Boot on x86. Use EDK2.
  2. ARM64 devices don’t have RW_LEGACY at all, FYI @s31bz

Matt is the one that suggested U-Boot as Hatch doesn’t have working EDK2 on RWL.

Who is Matt?


What do I need to do next? Is installing/compiling EDK2 the next step?

Sorry, jumped the gun there a bit.

Are you talking about the Arm Samsung galaxy Chromebook? If so, use hexdump0815’s images at Releases · hexdump0815/imagebuilder · GitHub. It is meant for Arm chromebooks. In the search bar, search for anything related to Samsung, etc.

There is no ARM Galaxy Chromebook…

Yes, there is. The samsung chromebook xe303c12. It is an old device, but here a link to the Debian bookworm image: Release 230924-01 - debian bookworm image for the snow chromebook - samsung xe303c12 · hexdump0815/imagebuilder · GitHub

This chromebook uses U-Boot to boot, so this is probably the chromebook you are talking about.

I don’t know for sure, but can you give me your board name?

That’s not the galaxy chromebook though. OP has a kohaku.