Trying to re-purpose an HP Chromebook 14 as a Linux machine

I used MrChromebook to re-purpose an Acer CB131 and it worked great. With the HP Chromebook, I have issues, and I learned something. Removing the WP means removing the battery connector, and then use mains power to flash the BIOS. I did this, and then had the same symptoms as my last HP Chromebook 14 (exact same model), which I thought got bricked after a Google update. It turns out the previous battery died, and the HP Chromebook will not boot when the battery is not connected even with mains connected. It tries, the screen will flash on and then go dead again. I am thus unable to disable the WP. Anybody got any ideas?

happened to me last night, are you sure youre not just using any cable as from my experience it needs to be the right one with the power adapter for the chromebook

Try a different charger, 65W if you have one.