Trying to get Windows on Acer Chromebook 315

I have an issue. Something I have been trying to get on my Chromebook, has been windows ever since my USB broke, I have been trying to get it on the hard drive. Do you think there would be anyway? Please and thank you. :smiley:

Might want to start with what you’ve tried. Have you read the docs?

I mean I’ve speed read them. But those have not got me anywhere.
I think I might have to make a partition??? IDK but imma find out.
By the way the version of windows I’m looking to install is: Windows X Lite Optimum 11 Pro: 24H2ProV2
Edit: I don’t think what I’ve tried would be good, that being getting a boot menu. Also which I did do I just need to figure out how I could install windows x lite
Other Edit:I hope more people reply!

If you could explain in detail the issue you have, maybe someone could help you.

First off, quit DMing me.

Second, what have you tried? Have you flashed the firmware? You’ve basically said nothing except you want Windows and can’t get it to work. There is no way anyone can help you without more info

First off: Sorry about that I did not mean that like that I thought I was gonna get more replys.
Second off: nope (BTW I am guessing full UEFI firmware would be it) maybe I should???
(As you see I have no clue)

And here is info rush (I am sorry if this is tooooooo much)

And here are the freakin specs
CPU: Intel Celeron Model: N4000
Processer Facts, Speed: 1.10 GHz. Processor core: dual core (2 core)

Ram: 4GB.

Well the details are my usb got broke so yeah! But I did have an idea, there is a website: That gives a way free USBs: USB Flash Drive Grab Bag! Free USB Memory Drives
Do you think I should trust it?

i hope you know i am trying as best as i can to be understandable, if you did not see i did some reply’s to 'ya so yeah. ALSO also also, I will try to wait longer because I do NOT want to come off as annoying! Not that anyone told me that here I am just thinking I might come up as annoying!

You need to read the docs and follow the directions