Trackpad crashing

So basically, everytime I try to use the trackpad on Win11, it crashes the whole operating system. Not sure if this is a bug or if its a driver error, I really have no clue.

Any idea on what I can do to fix it?

Im on AMD StoneyRidge btw.

I just did lol

I had the same Issue, It happened when I enabled memory integrity. Try connecting a USB mouse and disabling it then restart you device. You should be able to move your mouse with a track pad

Connecting a USB mouse doesnt really do much. It doesnt even turn on.

Have you tried rebooting the device with the mouse connected to see if it turns on during startup?

Yes I have. The mouse doesnt turn on at all when plugged in. I know the mouse works because od my other laptop i use it with.

Whats your make and model of your chromebook?

HP Chromebook 11A G8 EE. Grunt board.

If you have opened it before try checking a connection because a cable might have came lose causing your mouse not to get power.

Nah, thats not the case, i had to use the mouse to actually install the drivers.

Okay, It could be a driver error or driver bug that caused the USB ports and track pad to break.

Hm maybe it was because i closed my chromebook while installing the GPU driver.

Okay, It’s most likely corrupt, you might need to reinstall the GPU driver.

Im going to need my mouse for that though :skull:

Unless I learn to use my keyboard like a Vim user.

You will need to learn to use your keyboard like a vim user

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just reinstall windows… and go through the driver setups again

plus both windows 10/11 still aren’t confirmed to be stable on that model yet