Touchscreen on Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C630 on Linux does not work OOTB

I recently installed Fedora 40 on my Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C630 (PANTHEON, non-4k). I used the RW_LEGACY method because I could not disable WP, due to me not having the right screwdriver to open the laptop. I ran the audio script, and audio is working fine. Everything is working so far, except for the touch screen. Are there any packages I need to install or any scripts I need to run to get my touchscreen working? Or do I need to install a different distribution? Help is appreciated

idk about your Chromebook but I noticed on robo360 that touchscreen works on full rom but not RW_LEGACY.

Yeah I believe it is known that touchscreen doesn’t work on RW_LEGACY.

Not always but often the touchscreen doesnt work right away on RWL.

well, it does for Redrix

Thanks for the responses. I will try to do full ROM but I need to know what screw head my Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C630 uses. I think it is some sort of torx screw but I don’t know what size it is. Whoever knows what screwdriver I need to buy please let me know

What does that mean? You reboot a few times and it magically works?

On some devices it works and on some it doesn’t work. Even if it doesn’t work there are various ways to fix it.

According to the Lenovo manual, they are M3 x 3mm screws:

on what page does it say that?

this is what it looks like

Hmm I wonder if by M3 they mean Torx M3. Those look like Torx.

when i look at the site you attached, it says m2 x 6mm on the part where you take off the back cover

the image you sent is definitely torx, get you an iFixit kit