Touchscreen in Jasper Lake Lenovo ideapad ("Blipper")

I have Fedora 39 installed on this ‘Blipper’ Chromebook with the latest Uefi firmware from MrChromebox.

I have tryed several other distros (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint) but, none of them gets the touchscreen working! For the rest everything works fine!

Any ideas? (And no, i’m not going to install Windows!)

i have the same problem with my Blipper/Beetly as well (on windows =p)
but yah restoring to stock - restores touch screen so its got to be something missing in coreboot uefi

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It’s a problem, and i’ll keep looking for a solution, but the problem is not big enough to go back to stock (ChromeOS). ChromeOS is so inmensly limited compared to my Fedora Linux installation. I didn’t go through all the hassle of unlocking the firmware and all, just to go back to stock ChromeOS.

But it is true that Gnome is very suitable for a touchscreen!

No reactions here. So I assume there is no solution yet. I’m going to wait for next update from Mr. Chromebox. Hopefully it will be solved there, or otherwise proper drivers will appear anytime soon?