Touch screen on Lenovo Ideapad 3 15IJL6("Blipper")

The touch screen on my IdeaPad 3 (“Blipper”) Is not working under linux ( I tried Debian based, Arch Based and Fedora )

I Know It’s a BOE nv156fhm-T07 Type Panel and the system reports the input device as G2Touch. It recognizes the device and evtest reports parameters but touching the screen does nothing.

Works on stock firmware but not RW_L or Full UEFI.

Any help would be appreciated!

I have 3 of these units – two of them have ELAN touchscreens and work just fine under Full ROM UEFI --with Win11
but one of the three is the same as yours and reports a GTCH7503 on Windows 11\Device Manager - and doesn’t work with any of the drivers currently available. (it works fine when reverted back to Stock ChromeOS)

So firmware issue then? Could it be that the Mr.Chromebox firmware is only built to work with the ELAN Touchscreen?

evtest reports the events/interrupts that the display can send but none of them actually report to be activated when I touch the screen.