Total Beginner - How to fix Error 28 [No Space left on device]

So I had used this video from “Learn Linux TV” on how to install the Arch Linux OS on my Chromebook. After selecting the same operations as the ones in his video I had continued on to begin the installation for Arch and it brings me this error message saying that I didn’t have enough space. What can I do to proceed from here I feel like the answers I’ve been seeing on Google are not quite what I’m looking for…

Additional Information:

I only have this one device and another Chromebook that I can’t use developer mode on because it’s my wife’s laptop. So if possible I need a resolution that can resolve this error within these parameters.

This is what displays on my boot screen above all the available options: HP Chromebook x360 11 G1/11 G6/14 G5 (Snappy) Intel (R) Celeron (R) CPU N3350 @ 1.20GHz
4096 mb RAM

Could you run “lsblk” and find the biggest device you can use? also, i believe you should try following a guide that DOES NOT use archinstall. archinstall has a good chance of not working, the traditional way works better.

Are you trying to dual boot?

How old is that video? In general it’s recommended to follow the docs rather than watch videos because videos can get outdated.

Archinstall for some reason cant handle ChromeOS default partitioning.

Solution: Use a partitioning tool of your choice and delete all partitions first

gdisk example (replace sdX with ur drive)

gdisk /dev/sdX
o<enter> # New empty partition table
w<enter> # Write changes

So I decided to stop using archinstall and to continue on by doing it manually and I’ve gotten all the way to where I need to install Gnome but I have again run out of space. I now can see where I’m out of space but I’m unsure of how to fix it I’ve tried every command to clear my cache and to no prevail.

2 months ago and I have switched to doing it manually and I’m still running out of space somehow but I have made it to the point of trying installing gnome just need to find the space

Install bare system without any DE, then boot into it and continue from there

No, I just want Arch to be my default Operating system but I suppose I wouldn’t be opposed if I had to things that way

I think I understand but is there a more elaborate way to explain this

Please consult the arch wiki and forum at this point because this is nothing chromebook specific anymore


If you’re a total beginner just install something other than Arch. Maybe EndeavourOS. In my experience every time I tried archinstall on a real device it failed.