TIDUS not seeing other SATA/NVMe M.2 drives

Greetings there!
I’ve run through the docs and installed MCB’s most recent firmware on my TIDUS.
Afterwards, it rebooted fine.
I then went to replace the SATA 16gb M.2 drive in there with first a SATA 128gb previously removed from my Morphius, and then an Inland 512gb 2242 NVMe drive.
Neither of them are showing up in a live boot of LMDE 6 nor Fedora KDE. Could this be a firmware issue? I know this is an EOL device, but I was hoping to get it running as a workbench system for rooting Android devices and flashing chips on other devices. I’ll attach images below.

Note that the /dev/sda device is a large flash drive I have connected to my keys

@MrChromebox as this is EOL in the supported devices chart in the docs, I take it that may be why it isn’t seeing drives?

The Broadwell Chromeboxes like TIDUS don’t support NVMe at all, you need to use a SATA drive.

MORPHIUS shipped with eMMC or NVMe, not SATA.

Thanks for the refresher, I’ll look for a SATA M.2 then