Thinkpad C13 dualboot (Win11+ChromeOS with Brunch) audio problem

Hi, Im new to this forum and dont know it’s the right box to create this topic, sorry if it’s wrong

I’ve just bought a Thinkpad C13 yoga ryzen 3500c with Windows 11 already installed (With custom UEFI firmware from mrchromebox i think) and everything works fine including audio

After getting the laptop, I tried to install dualboot Chrome OS with Brunch framework, recovery image from Morphius. The Chrome OS was installed successfully, but the audio is not working. I’ve tried the “chromebook audio fix” script from Brunch setting but it didnt work

Can anyone help me with this problem? Thanks

Brunch has various forums for support, you’ll have much better luck there. Few if anybody here uses it

The Chromebook audio fix script only works on Linux, not ChromeOS.