[TEEMO] Asus Chromebox 3(CN65) SSD Upgrade & Windows Installation

Howdy Everybody! My goal is to swap out the stock ssd on my Asus Chromebox 3 with a 256gb ssd from a broken Surface Pro 4 I’ve got, and then install Windows from there but im having trouble with how the procedure of that swap is supposed to go.

Here is a section taken from Mr.Chromebox’s website:
“Note: The recovery button (and booting to recovery mode) are a function of the stock firmware. If you’ve flashed a custom firmware on your box (either as part of a standalone setup or otherwise), the recovery button has no function and the ChromeOS recovery mode doesn’t exist.”

And then here is comment from a youtube video of someone installing windows on the same model as mine:

These two accounts are confusing me because they almost seem to contradict each other. I’m very much a novice with any of this so any tips from someone who has upgraded their ssd would be helpful!

For ease, it is recommended to flash, and before installing your alt-os to replace the internal drive.

However, you won’t have too many issues if you replace it before either. You will need to re-install chromeos (for obvious reasons) which is likely why that person mentioned developer mode not working.

Tldr: either way will work without issues

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