TANIKS emmc storage not detected Windows / Linux


I was hoping you could help me with an issue. I was able to remove write protect from my Lenovo TANIKS CR50 Chromebook without a suzyQ cable using this method:


It worked flawlessly on the first attempt and feel as though it could be a viable solution for individuals without a suzyq cable.

My issue however is for some reason the emmc is not detected after installing the full uefi through MrChromebox firmware utility. This issue is prevalent for other users with the i3 model & emmc storage aswell. I tried on windows and a linux distro but no drive populates when trying to choose an install median. Any guidance and help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you booted to a Linux install or Linux live USB to make sure the mrchromebox firmware is up to date?

Looks like updating the firmware will fix this issue: