System recovery timeframe?

to whom it may concern,
firstly, i apologize that this question is not about any of the software you off, atleast not yet… but im new to chrombooks and was gifted a handme-down QUAWKS, Asus chromebook C300. im trying to going through each of the avalible firmware’s from and some appear to be doing something but will do nothing more then “system recovery in progress” with its spinning wheel, but hours/days doesnt do anything else… i know recoveries cant take days, hours even, hours maybe… but. could anyone tell me a general timeframe of how long this should take, so i can move to the next firmware and mark it as not working?

thank you for your time…

I’ve never seen it take more than 5 minutes. If you’ve tried it multiple times and it still hasn’t worked, it could be a hardware issue, most likely a failing eMMC drive.

well sheit and that isnt something that can be really, tested like anyother kind of drive?
also, thank you very much for your response… ive tried three or four other fourms/reddit groups/etc with these questions and was basically talking to myself.

Not really, the eMMC is soldered to the motherboard.