Support for CTL GQE10C Meet Compute System

Hi everyone! I recently stumbled upon this community when I found a CTL GQE10C Meet System Chromebox at work destined for e-waste/scrap. Just today I found out that support was added to the MrChromebox script for several CTL devices, including the GQE15C, which I believe is basically the same device as the 10C but with 10th gen i7 CPU rather than 8th gen. Motherboards look identical between those two and the Asus Meet system as well. I tried to run the script on the 10C, of course without success, but I can confirm it reports the name EXCELSIOR in ChromeOS, same as the Asus system. Would it be much work to add support for the GQE10C or should I leave it? Greatly appreciated and thank you!