'Support Devices & Platforms' page suggestion

(In my head at least) there are two types of people looking at the page:

  • Those that are turning their existing Chromebook into a chrultrabook
  • Those that are looking to buy a new Chromebooks and turn it into chrultrabook

I think the current layout is a great for confirming support for an existing device, but one way to make the page more useful for potential buyers is to reference a page where users can get more info on the boards.

My suggestion is to include a link to the Developer Information for ChromeOS Devices as a 3rd ‘Tip’ callout, so that users can get the following additional info:

  • Device Form factor (ie whether it’s a convertible)
  • When the board was released
  • What processor is used

This comes w/ one assumption and one caveat:

  1. I’m assuming that the board info on the page applies to all relevant models, and not just the one (flagship model?) device listed on the page.
  2. If this does apply, we’d want to mention in the callout that the developer page is to get more info on the boards to avoid users being unsure when a supported device can’t be found on the dev page.