Suggestions on a 14" mid-tier for Linux

My current chrultrabook is an HP x360 14c (Eldrid) which has been great to me but after getting wet has a few quirks like phantom clicks. Nothing too dramatic so I’m in no rush, but I’d like to set some alerts online for sales and just get feedback on what I’m overlooking or what is coming down the pipeline.


  • ~$350
  • Open to refurb/used.
  • 14 inch screen
  • Performance must rival/exceed my current laptop aka i3-1125G4 (AMD devices gets a pass)
  • Sleek/modern look
  • Not made by HP (don’t like their quality assurance)
  • 2-in-1 not required

Models on my radar already are:

I’ve had great success with the Lenovo C13 Yoga.

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My preference would be the Acer.

The Asus CX34 Flip is nice too, but pricey.

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