Stoney Kernel arch linux

Can anyone give me a guide to install the StoneyRidge custom kernel on arch linux?



  1. Download stoney kernel (
  2. Copy/move stoney/vmlinuz-6.6.16-stoney to /boot
  3. Copy/move stoney/modules/lib/modules/6.6.16-stoney to /usr/lib/modules
  4. Run kernel-install add 6.6.16-stoney /boot/vmlinuz-6.6.16-stoney
  5. Reboot and select stoney kernel in GRUB menu

Could I please have some help? I have tried using this guide, but I am having issues with moving the files. I have tried dragging the vmlinuz to boot, but it doesn’t let me. Then I tried using the mv command, and it removed it from the stoney file, but I could not see it in the boot file.

sudo mv stoney/vmlinuz-6.6.16-stoney /boot
In terminal, you will need sudo to have permissions to access that directory