Steam shows up as a black window

i tried resising the window, and uninstalling and reinstalling, but it didn’t work.

the Linux version is 11 and the architecture is x86_64

Sorry, but this is not a ChromeOS support forum. Please direct your question to r/chromeos or r/Crostini on Reddit or the r/chromeos Discord server.

I agree with what sadlerm said above. If you wish to instead replace ChromeOS and install Linux or Windows, and then run Steam from there, feel free to read the docs:

Are you running steam on Borealis or Crostini?

They want you to use Steam for Chrome OS instead of Steam for Linux. I had this issue and all Steam gave me was the run around. If you like modding your Steam games, go with another OS (my 145 mods for SDV work just fine on Linux now that I have gotten my computer onto Linux).

This is not a chromeos forum