Slipstreaming EMMC Driver into Windows 10 USB Install. On a HP 14 G5 Chromebook with Coolstar OS Installed

Please contact me back as soon as possble. I followed all the steps for the HP G5 14’', and I am stuck at it not recognizing the EMMC drive, which is normal I hear. I am usually great at following your instructions but I am stuck at transferring the Lenovo EMMC driver provided into my ISO or USB.
( bcdedit /set {default} testsigning on /store C:\path\to\extracted\iso\boot\bcd0 )
I have NTLite downloaded but not sure what to do. I did unpack the Driver .ZIP and transfer the files to a USB,and tried to clicking the Load Driver button on W10 install. That found the files but I cant do anything with them, my guess is they arent ‘signed’. But anyways, what is the correct exact order?

‘’ Use NTLite to slipstream the drivers into both images.

Then run this command: bcdedit /set {default} testsigning on /store C:\path\to\extracted\iso\boot\bcd

This will enable testsigning in the windows installer to load the unsigned drivers.‘’

If that is correct, than where do I run that command? On the chromebook, or on the PC with Rufus/NTLite? Also why would it be the C: drive, would it not be the USB drive? Confusing me, but I have it all here right now in front of me. Please clarify. thanks a million!

Whats a Coolstar OS?
EMMC drive should be detected after flashing Full - Can you see it after pressing ESC and going into coreboot Bios - boot menu?

@JoeM143 eMMC is not detected by the Windows 10 installer on Stoney Ridge Chromebooks. It’s a known issue.

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This isn’t the answer you’re looking for, but you might consider installing Windows 11 instead. You don’t need to slipstream the eMMC driver if you’re using the Windows 11 installer.

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I am using a W10 installer with the w11 install.wim file replaced. I needa non tpm modified version of w11 your saying? Ok thx

Coolstar bios doesnt have those options unfort

Got it. Thats what i needed anyways. Worked. Thank you!