Screen orientation fix

I just started running popOS on an Acer R721T natively, no chromeOS in sight (except on that backup drive I left… somewhere). I have been unable to resolve the flipped display issue despite following the YT tutorials I found of those who had the same issue.
The screen is always rotated off 180 degrees of what it should be, though touch works consistently (mapped correctly to the screen).
I tried deleting 60-sensor and adding 61-local-sensor with my system’s info. I tried digging in but I’m not knowledgeable enough to understand all this documentation is saying. I understand I must flip the values of my display orientation sensor, but I haven’t been able to do so. Any tools that exist I have been unable to find. I’m not new to shells but I am new to linux, so keep that in mind as you laugh at me in “haha using popOS not arch”.

Ubuntu moment. Is pop up to date? If so, can you test another Linux distro such as LMDE or debian

I actually solved the problem by grabbing a chromebook-specific fix from the git repo for systemd, so I guess it truly is a ubuntu moment. I’m open to try any lightweight distro as long as it can be used by someone who doesn’t know much beyond windows (I’m not going to be the only user of this device, and I’ll have to be the one to teach the other users).