Screen goes black after waking up from sleep Thinkpad C13 Yoga

I’m running nixos on sway with latest firmware (Full ROM) on kernel 6.8.3 iommu=pt kernel param and I’ve blacklisted cros-ec-uart.
The issue only happens after more than about 1h in sleep.

As I’m someone who will probably never use NixOS, I just want to check to see if it’s the way that distro handles things or if its the hardware here.
If you wipe and install any of the recommended distros here, is your system able to resume from sleep fine without any black screenage?

(note: code name for Lenovo Thinkpad C13 Yoga: Morphius)

I went back to test Fedora and openSUSE on my C13 Yoga and can confirm in kernel 6.8.3 and above this does not happen on my unit.

Ok, I did some testing. The sleep itself works, but it breaks if I use trackpoint/touchpad/touchscreen (the keyboard is fine) shortly after waking up.

I might have a similar problem on Redrix. Sometimes the screen is black and I just see a cursor, but ~30 seconds later I see the login screen.

I’ve found interesting thing: It always boots on AC power (sleep works without a issue on AC), but it needs 3-4 reboots to boot on battery. Is it firmware problem?

I’ve never seem this behavior on mine- see if the battery is still in warranty maybe?