Screen fail on Samsung Chromebook 3

Hello, good morning, I have a Samsung X500c13.

I bought it recently with the idea of installing Windows and using it as a laptop for university, so I purchased the 64GB model from Emmc. I had previously had a Lenovo Yoga e11 G4 in my hands, which I sold due to a need, so I already had it. experience with modifying the bios for installing the UEFI system

everything was normal, I removed the write protection screw and proceeded to install the modified firmware to install windows but when the installation began to configure the device the screen began to make strange blinks and also to suspend itself so the installation could never finish, starting to To make my theories, I thought it would be the lid opening and closing sensor, but I couldn’t find it in any physical part of the motherboard, so I decided to temporarily disconnect the screen and do the installation via HDMI with the laptop closed, but it still kept failing.

Using the method of disconnecting the integrated screen I managed to install Manjaro Linux in its KDE version and after turning off the sleep and shutdown function from the buttons as well as closing the lid I was able to use the laptop without problem but I still need To use it is Windows 10, not Linux (the idea is to sell it in the future and very few people buy a device from you if it has Linux as the default operating system)

Does anyone have any idea what could be happening with my chromebook?

  1. Windows 10 is EOL in 2025

  2. Braswell will be 9 years old by 2025

No one of sound mind will or should buy your Chromebook when you do sell it.