Samsung chromebook touchpad not working

Hi all!

Today went through the process of converting my Samsung Chromebook Go (XE310XDA) into Linux. I tried few live distro (Fedora, Debian, Endeavor, Manjaro) but the touchpad doesn’t work in any of these. I couldn’t find any possible solution online, so I’m asking here hoping some of you had faced the same issue.


EDIT: I ended up installing Debian 12 with the custom kernel installed via the audio fix script of MrChromebox. The audio works just fine, but touchpad and (I just noticed it, but not really that important) the built-in camera don’t work.

Try troubleshooting with libinput

  • Is the touchpad detected
  • Is it measuring events when you touch it?

When opening the Chromebook, is it possible you accidentally caused hardware damage to the device. You can try opening it and making sure the ribbon cable is in place

The ribbon is in place and well connected

The touchpad doesn’t get detected

Then it’s very possible that its hardware damage