Samsung Chromebook 3 issues

Need suggestions for Samsung Chromebook 3

I’m at the end of the rope here. Found out GalliumOS died and ChrUbuntu also died. Found this subreddit in hopes for a more active community. I am trying to solely boot Linux on my Samsung Chromebook 3 but have run into numerous problems. The one issue being the touchpad. Under cpu load, the touchpad will become jumpy and very erratic. I tried Gallium 3.1 Sandy, Linux Mint Cinnamon, MATE, and XFCE. The Cinnamon was horrible, with the display shutting off and on constantly. MATE slightly fixed the issue with the display only flashing a few times. XFCE resolved the display issue but introduced a touchpad issue as I mentioned. I then tried GalliumOS and it was working great except for the same touchpad issues. I also was unable to install it with tons of errors due to it being discontinued and likely having shutdown distribution servers. I am wondering if anyone here has a Samsung 3 and got it to work properly? Thanks all

The new, established method is to run MrChromebox’s firmware utility script and flash custom UEFI firmware for your Chromebook, then install a well-supported Linux distro like Fedora or Debian.

Thanks already have the firmware utility installed.

Please also note post install instructions specific to your Chromebook. I don’t know if that might solve some of the issues you’ve been having.