Restoring stock firmware may have bricked HP x360 14-ca?

Hi there, I have gone to restore stock firmware on my HP X360 14-ca chromebook. Before installing the custom firmware I did do a backup of the stock firmware on a usb, and used that as my restore method when flashing the firmware back from an ubuntu live usb.

Stock firmware flash was successful according to the script output, it asked me to reboot, and to start preparing a recovery usb. I rebooted, and I am now stuck on a black screen. No backlight. Chromebook is on, fans cycled once or twice but it hasn’t prompted me with the chromeOS recovery screen or shown me any signs of life. Is this normal, or has the script bricked the chromebook? I’ve let it sit for about 20 minutes now, I haven’t touched it or tried to reboot anything just yet in case it is currently doing something.

Some support would be excellent, thank you!

Try pressing refresh + power

I did give that a shot, did refresh + power, and esc + refresh + power, both did restart the chromebook like it normally does in a healthy ChromeOS installation just nothing on the screen. Or so I assume. The power button LED cycles, and the fans do their spin up/spin down cycle, but no display output.

Hm. Strange